The Kodi media player is currently being used by millions of people for one specific purpose: watching free TV, according to the makers.

Kodi is an open source media player meant for playing people’s local media files, however due to the open source nature of the software, and its ability to interface with Python plugins, is used by the majority of users to watch free movies and television shows, by interfacing with the most popular of online streaming sites, and displaying them as Netflix-style menus, without any ads or popups of any kind.

Some of the more popular unofficial Kodi addons now interface with dozens of streaming sites at the same time, giving you access to far more content than any legitimate cord-cutting service would.

It is interesting because of the fact that Kodi’s official developers have actually spoken against these type of addons, however it remains the main use of the majority of Kodi users.

“We are the primary source for unofficial addons and tools for Kodi, developers from around the world are on our forums providing user support and updates for their addons. It runs on many platforms including but not limited to Mac, Windows and Android,” writes TV Addons in an email to Broadband TV News.

‘Kodi bundled with addons is much safer than Popcorn Time and torrents because it simply accesses streaming content, it doesn’t actually download permanent copies, nor assist in redistributing any content to users whatsoever.”