DISH Network to broadcast NBC’s 4K Olympics coverage

Michelle Clancy
| 29 July 2016

Hard on the heels of an announcement from DIRECTV, DISH Network is to offer NBCUniversal’s coverage of the Olympics in 4K.

olympicsThe 4K broadcast will be carried both on a linear channel and on-demand. DISH video subscribers will also have access to NBCUniversal’s 6,755 hours of Olympic programming, including coverage of all competition sessions, on-demand.

“This summer is a great time to be a DISH customer,” said Vivek Khemka, CTO and EVP at DISH. “Extensive sports coverage is a big perk of a pay-TV subscription, and DISH is upping the ante by releasing a multitude of custom Hopper features tailored to enhance NBCUniversal’s coverage of the Rio Games.”

The coverage will be made available on one-day delay and will include content from swimming, track and field, basketball, the men’s soccer final, judo and the Closing Ceremony, as well as Rio scenics. One event from the previous day’s competition will be provided daily and looped on the linear channel in three-hour intervals from 7-22 August, the day after the games conclude.

The satcaster has also upgraded its Hopper DVR features to get ready for the Games, including an exclusive sports hub on DISH channel 148, an NBC Olympics app and Sports Bar Mode. Sports Bar Mode is a multi-channel view that divides a 4K or HDTV screen into quadrants, each with the ability to display a different programme. Users can easily toggle among the four channels to determine which will play audio.

DIRECTV announced it would carry the 4K feed earlier this week.