Starsat Master Code

starsat = go to menu --> stb --> enter 9876 to reset to 0000
Starsat 100D &1700: 1250
Starsat 10D 2295
Starsat 120 ,150 , 200 , 2000 = go to stb setting and enter 1234
STARSAT 120-130 - 150-200D PLUSstarcom Press menu Stb status ê 9876 Your password change to 0000 550D&650D, 550,650,3100,3200,3500PULS & SUP: 8175
Starsat 500, 510,600: 2606
Starsat magic MG-X3000CUCIMKII: 9815
STARSAT/STARCOM 1361 - 1999 - and some other press menu installation ok ---> STB ok press 9876
Starsat10D, 15D, 11D, 30D: 9999
Starsat190-220 2142

Master code for satellite receivers.
It happens that once installed on the receiver "Parent Key" (code lock channels or functions of the receiver) will eventually be forgotten. No key - no possibility to enter the menu of the receiver, set the new channels, to change the frequency, etc.

What to do in this case? Will help you master code, which is almost all receivers with which you can restore the factory settings on the receiver. Here is a list of some master-code receivers, which will help someone avoid flashing the receiver.